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The Buzz on Bees

Honey bees are among the most beneficial insects in existence. They do everything from producing honey that adds sweetness to food to pollinating our crops and fending off pest insects.

The Buzz on Bees


About Honey

Pure honey has many culinary purposes that make it an important component of many recipes. It has served as a staple of diets for people around the world, dating back millennia.

About Honey


About Bees and Pollen

Bee pollen, the sort collected by bee colonies while pollinating flowers, is a protein packed food found to be effective in promoting good health. It has earned a place in both modern and ancient diets.

About Bees and Pollen

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About Us

We are producers of all-natural bee products developed with organic beeswax. It is our mission to provide you with the opportunity to enjoy a wide range of home and body care items developed using methods that adhere to the strictest levels of ethics and environmental sustainability.

The Beehive is supportive of our community in making charitable donations with every sale, and pets are always welcome in our store. Using only the finest beehives in Calgary, Alberta, we are able to ensure that you can enjoy honey and other bee products that contain immune system-boosting and germ-killing properties.

We guarantee that our products will utilize only all-natural, plant-derived ingredients in place of animal byproducts. Everything from color additives to fragrances are plant derived. We only use natural preservatives such as rosemary extract and grapefruit seed extract. Everything is gluten free—including the oatmeal scrub! To show our level of commitment, we have even tested our dog shampoo!

While we refrain from using nut oils in our products, we do have one item that contains almond oil. Our sweet almond soap is clearly labeled, and is produced separately from other products.

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We Support Animal Rescue Foundation, The Humane Society, Amnesty International,
and the Meow Foundation

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